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Poznań Design Festival

The Poznań Design Festival is a continuation of the Poznań Design Days project, during which we focus our attention on the issues of design and urban space. This year the theme will be the river, its relationship and its connection with the city. The event will move closer to water. The Poznań Design Festival "on the river" consists of large-scale research and design activities, mainly in the areas of the City Beach, New Gasworks Pavilion and Liberty Square. The event will take place from 12 to 20 May.

This year's edition of the Festival, organized by the Made in Art Foundation, will be run under the motto "River Captivated". The Poznań Design Festival will familiarize the audiences with the issue of "water in the city" through panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, and interactive installations.

The program will include a communication panel called Poznań Design Talks and JESTEŚ™ (YOU ARE) module, or a series of open meetings with mentors combining discussions with consultations. Practitioners and theorists from many fields of design were asked to collaborate with both modules. The invited guests will include Miśka Miller Lovegrove, Marta Zakrzewska-Duda from the River Cities Platform and Catharine Ferbos Nakov from the International Design Expeditions. Curator and artist Cecylia Malik, the Madrid-based architectural office Openact Architecture and the Rome-based Francesco Careri Stalker Studio will be talking about their projects centered around river issues. Architect Carlo Venigoni, whom the audience of the Festival already know, will be the moderator of the meeting.

There will also be a number of design workshops, including one dedicated to furniture restoration (with Paweł Machomet, the author of the Rzuć Pan Okiem blog) as well as one devoted to river design by means of a design thinking method, and Water Sideways by Mathilde Bretillot of the International Design Expeditions.


Within KIDS Design, under the watchful eyes of the leaders, each day of the Festival children and young people will develop their creativity and spatial sensitivity during dedicated workshops. Another event, Cinema Design, will present films related to the design of riverside areas and the role and potential of the river in the city.


An important point of this year's Festival will be the "At the Source" exhibition, centered around the subject of water as an invaluable yet shrinking resource. It will address the problem of the function of water in social spaces. The 2017 Poznań Design Festival under the motto “River Captivated” is the first part of a 3-year project under the name POZNAŃ - A CITY OF ELEMENTS. The project assumes the use of the Festival as a tool for presenting pro-social solutions in terms of the 3 elements: WATEREARTH-AIR. We invite you to this year's edition, during which we will look closely at the river and water in the city.