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September in Poznań

Summer is slowly leaving us, but September is not going to be boring! Autumn will actually start with some great events. Everyone will find something interesting. The highlight of the month will definitely be Frida Kahlo's exhibition. But we have to wait for it until the last week of September. Until then, you can take part in other cultural events!

Dożynki Miejskie

02.09.2017, 14:30


Venue: Park Wilsona, Poznań




The harvest festival is a chance to leave the city for a moment and go back to the countryside. During the city harvest festival you can take part in great activities and experience how it is to live in the countryside. 


More information and the program...


Festival Aquanet Pyrlandia 2017

 02.09.2017, 15:00


Venue: Łęgi Dębińskie, Park im. Jana Pawła II, Poznań



Pyrlandia is one of the biggest, free events in Poznan. It's open for locals and tourists as well. Every year you can expect concerts of well-known Polish artists. This year it'll be Happysad and Fisz Emade Tworzywo.  



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Akademia Gitary Festiwal



Akademia Gitary is a feast for guitar lovers from all over Wielkopolska. During this 3-week festival you can not only listen to virtuoso guitarists, but also try to play this instrument at a workshop



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Noc w Palmiarni/Night at the Palm House

15.09.2017,  20:00-02:00


Venue: Palmiarnia Poznańska, ul. Matejki 18, Poznań


It's the last chance in this season to visit the Poznan Palm House after dark! 


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Koncert inaugurujący sezon 2017/2018 - Jubileusz Barbary Kubiak

17.09.2017, 18:00


Venue: Teatr Wielki im. Stanisława Moniuszki, ul. Fredry 9, Poznań


The Poznan Opera invites you to the inaugural concert for the new season 2017/2018. 








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Targi Smaki Regionów 2017



Venue: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, ul. Głogowska 14, Poznań


TASTES OF THE REGIONS Fair is a feast for lovers of traditional Polish food prepared according to old recipes. This event, which takes place in conjunction with Polagra Food and Polagra Gastro fairs in Poznań, successfully implements the assumption of promoting natural, certified traditional food.


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Frida Kahlo i Diego Rivera: Polski kontekst 

28.09.2017-21.01.2018 (wernisaż 27.09)


Venue: Centrum Kultury Zamek


The exhibition of Frida Kahlo's works is one of the biggest event this year in Poznan. You will be able to see Frida Kahlo's paintings, as well as works of Diego Rivera. Additionally, everything will be based around the Polish context of their lives!


Learn more about the exhibition...


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