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The Runway Modernisation

Construction works due to the modernization of the runway are underway from April to October this year. This investment project is crucial because of its current technical parameters and ICAO requirements. 

The construction period depends on the scope of works, technological and weather conditions. The greatest intensification of works is planned for the early autumn. Hence, handling operations will be limited, including total runway closure for operations. The runway will be closed from (8:00 AM) 21st September to (4:00 PM) 11th October this year, which means no air operations will be handled. 




From the half of June till the end of August – which the busiest period of passenger traffic – the runway is used normally, because construction works are placed outside its area. In the remaining dates, limitations apply to the night time. Handling passenger traffic within the period of the runway closure depends on airlines. They make their own decisions considering organization of their flights.


Source: www.airport-poznan.com.pl

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