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Poznań will host one of the most important European conferences on artistic education

Between the 9th and 11th of September 2015, Poznań will host the PARADOX - Fine Art European Forum. Its topic this year is "Alternative Zones: Uncovering the Official and the Unofficial in Fine Art Practice, Research and Education". This is one of the world’s most important periodical events, connected to education and art.

PARADOX is much more than just debates and discussion panels - it is also the accompanying events: international workshops, an exhibition of works by students of European art academies, as well as an exhibition presenting specifically the accomplishments of Polish art schools. This prestigious event will be attended by a few hundred participants, representing many European art schools (including Polish). This year’s guest of honor will be one of the most renown contemporary Polish artists, the sculptor and creator of installations - Mirosław Bałka.


The conference is organized by the Poznań University of Arts (UAP).


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