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Flavoria in IBB Andersia

Flavoria is a hotel restaurant, popular and well liked among hotel guests, and possibly a complete novelty to Poznań residents. Located on the first floor of the IBB Andersia building, it is not easily visible from the street, and so not everyone is aware of its existence. Right enough, this oversight should be mended, and a visit paid to the excellent Flavoria restaurant.


IBB Andersia is a hotel and conference complex with a restaurant, a SPA and a casino. It is a place very popular with hotel guests and conference participants and is often referred to as a four-star hotel with a five-star standard.


However, understandably, it is not quite as well known among Poznań residents. Firstly because of its location, the restaurant is not easy to spot. Secondly, the hotel’s elegant halls and spacious reception could be slightly intimidating at first glance. But no worries - despite its glamour and elegance, Andersia is a laidback place with no unnecessary fuss. Do not hesitate to pop on by, and let the lovely staff take care of the rest.



Flavoria restaurant is located on the first floor, and its glassed wall offers an intriguing view overlooking Stary Browar. The restaurant’s current look might come as a surprise to its regulars, as it has undergone a general redecoration in late 2016. Everything has been changed - from carpets to furniture, to lamps and small decor elements, and the color scheme. The dining room is large, spacious and tall, with a sense of informality and, in spite of its considerable size, coziness.



What about the menu? It has all a hotel restaurant menu should offer - European cuisine with small elements of regionality. The menu is rounded up with a seasonal insert and a very well thought out insert for the lovers of vegan cuisine.


See Flavoria’s vegan menu here: menu VEGE



The real surprise was the excellent quality of the dishes served at Flavoria. We did expect complete professionalism and sweeping correctitude, but what ended up on the plates in front of us was much, much more. This is cuisine with style, character and highest levels of technique. It is very interesting and tastes fabulous, providing not only the pleasure of eating, but also the surprisingly original plate composition. Bravo to the restaurant which shows it can be so much more than a hotel’s “gastronomic hinterland”, but one of its greatest assets.



The price range corresponds with the category of the place. It is definitely not budget dining, but the quality of the food and the style of the restaurant very much justify the slightly above average expense. A good tip for the first visit is to order something smaller, which will surely convince you to try more the next time.


See the Flavoria menu here: menu



The hotel offers underground parking facilities, and there should be no problem finding a space, since the paid parking from Novotel and Stary Browar are also available.




Flavoria – Hotel IBB Andersia
pl. Andersa 3, 61-894 Poznań
www.andersiahotel.pl/restauracje-i-bar/flavoria   |   www.facebook.com/andersiahotel   |   tel. +48 61 667 80 81   |   andersia@andersiahotel.pl


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