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Młyńska12- style and taste in a unique setting

One of the historic townhouses at Młyńska 12 in Poznań has been renovated for the last three years. For most of us, this building was going to be just another office space investment. Now, mere days after the project’s premiere, we know what this unique and elaborate investment truly is. Its scale is however still a bit difficult  to grasp.


The truth is that the interiors of this five-storey townhouse are indeed mostly office space. It is also twelve conference halls, two conference and banquet halls, two restaurants, a cigar club, a whiskey bar, a two-level outside patio with heated floorboards and a sky bar with a rooftop panoramic view of Poznań. There is also a modern underground parking facility for the renters.


We will surely mention Młyńska 12 in a conference and event context on another occasion. Today, it is its newly opened restaurant - The Time - that we would like to focus on, as well as to give a little preview of the other of the two gastronomy projects which will kick off in a few weeks.



The Time restaurant is available both to the office and conference space renters as well as outside clientele. Its operations are overseen by Roman Kosmalski, known to Poznań residents and tourists alike as one of the participants of the Poznań Chefs Together project. He is also responsible for Noon restaurant at Ilonn Boutique hotel and Gusto restaurant at Ilonn Hotel. If you know these places, or have met the chef personally, is sure to have an idea about his work style and the character of the menu itself.



The other, equally important part of the culinary concept is the wine bar. The wines available there come from the Mielżyński collection - more than one hundred labels, stored in specialist coolers, await the guests in the restaurant’s hospitable interiors. The staff will of course help pair the wines with the dishes, according to the suggestions of the chef, who is in close cooperation with the Mielżyński wine bar team.


The spectacular opening of the restaurant has left many lovely memories, but also built up enormous hopes and expectations, placed on The Time not only by its patrons but by the owners themselves. It would be hard to accept a restaurant which is in any way, shape or form far from the elegance and perfectionism which is overwhelmingly present on each step through the Młyńska 12 spaces. In short, the bar is set really high. It is of course much too early to judge, or to review. What we can offer you is the impression from the restaurant’s premiere and the photos from its grand opening. Do come and check it out for yourself - as always, we heartily encourage you to judge whether or not the ambitious plans and brave declarations were brought to life.



This restaurant, as it is clear from its location and the scale of the whole project, is not a budget eatery. However, the owners did think of everything. In a mere few weeks, another restaurant at the same address will be officially opened. It is advertised as a canteen, offering slightly simpler and cheaper dishes.


Właścicielom i zespołowi Młyńska12 życzymy powodzenia i gratulujemy realizacji tak wspaniałego projektu. Pozostałych zachęcamy do wizyty choćby na kawę. Tą przestrzeń projektowano z myślą o Was, więc ani przez chwilę nie zastanawiajcie się czy warto lub czy można przekroczyć gościnny próg Młyńskiej12. Ten próg przekroczyć trzeba.


Good luck to the owners and staff of Młyńska 12, and congratulations on this truly amazing project. To all the others - do drop in, if only for a cup of coffee. This space was designed with you in mind! So, without any more hesitation - this is the must-be place for one and all. The Time is now.




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