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Furniture Trail in Swarzędz

An exciting trip discovering the secrets of Swarzędz - the town of carpenters.

The trail presents the history and the present of carpenters in Swarzędz. Once a month one can join the guided tour, which is the best way to visit the trail. The tour begins next to the Huge Chair. During the walk one can see the exhibition of contemporary furniture from local producers as well as find extraordinary street furniture located somewhere inside the town area. It is also a unique chance to discover the secrets of a carpenter or upholsterer's work during a visit to one of craft workshops. The tour ends at the modern exhibition of The Center for History and Art in Swarzędz, where in the Carpenter's Zone one can see a traditional carpentry workshop, learn about the local names of tools and build a virtual chair.


More info (in Polish): www.szlakmeblowy.swarzedz.pl





The Center for History and Art in Swarzędz is a unique cultural institution located inside the building of a former fire station. The center presents the most important moments in the history of the town and region. It also presents the traditions and historic sites of the municipality in an interactive way, using an extensive set of multimedia solutions to create:

  • Virtual windows,
  • Interactive map,
  • Virtual changing room (3D model),
  • Firefighting game,
  • Virtual night tour of the city,
  • Block game,
  • Virtual Books.


The Center For History and Art in Swarzędz
ul. Bramkowa 6, 62-020 Swarzędz
Tel. +48 61 279 85 94,
Free admission




Project developed by:


  • Swarzędz Town and Commune Office,
  • Guild of Swarzędz Carpenters,
  • Swarzędz Center for History and Art,
  • Poznań Tourism Organization.

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