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10 ideas for autumn time in Poznań

Autumn in Poznań is an interesting time. Again we will experience fair of regional food with Smaki Regionów, Poznań's beer festival or Saint Martin Day. There are also some novelties worth checking out. We present 10 ideas for Poznań in Autumn.

Discover the regional delicacies at the Smaki Regionów Fair


Again, Poznań International Fair invites you to the Smaki Regionów Fair. This is an event for everyone who is looking for regional food, organic products and slow-style production.

The visitors will be able to taste an original food prepared with old recipes. Among the exhibitors are producers of wine, breads, cheese, meat, cakes and other regional products from individual voivodships. In 2019 Smaki Regionów will take place from September 28th to 30th.


Learn more about the Smaki Regionów Fair...



fot. Smaki Regionów




Visit the Poznań Zoo before animals fall asleep


Poznań Zoo is open 365 days a year, each Saturday, Sunday and holidays. The Zoo cares for about two thousand animals of about 260 species, which are kept in semi-natural environments.  In 2009 a modern elephant house was opened. You can also visit the Old Zoo (Zwierzyniecka 19), located in the city centre. It is now a public park with attractions for the youngest visitors.  Be sure to visit Poznan Zoo before the animals fall in winter sleep!


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fot. Marian Bątkiewicz



Warm up in the Poznań Palm House


The autumn weather may not encourage to take a walk outdoor. But there is a place in Poznań, that is perfect for colder days! Poznań Palm House is the biggest in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe. It houses around 17 thousand species of plants from different climate zones. Poznań Palm House is definitely a place worth visiting during your weekend walk around the city. 


The Poznań Palm House organizes occasional events. The nearest one is the night visiting od the Palm House, September 13th. It's not the first and not the only one this year. Plan your weekend so you could catch one of them.


Read more about Poznań Palm House




fot. Beata Przybylak



Enjoy the best craft beer during Poznań Beer Fair


Poznan Beer Fair has been attracting crowds that want to learn about culture and history as well as the modern world of craft beer. During the Beer Fair, brewing enthusiasts and first-time beer lovers have a great time. Every year you can go on a journey of flavors and colors of beer, brewed in dozens of breweries in Poland and the world.

But the fair is not only beer, but first and foremost unusual people - home and professional brewers, bloggers and all those who just love good beer. It's an opportunity to talk, exchange experiences, or learn something new.

This year the Poznań Beer Fair will take place from November 15th to 16thLearn more...



fot. Piotr Dyba



Visit historic cementeries at Cytadela Park


In the autumn we visit cemeteries more often and reflect on life. Strolling through Poznan, you can stay longer in the Citadel Park and discover the historic cemeteries there.


In 2008, a thorough renovation of the cemetery was carried out, during which the destroyed tombstones were restored. Today on the Citadel there are: the former St. Mary's Parish Cemetery, the Garrison Cemetery, the War Cemetery of the Heroes of the Soviet Union, the War Cemetery of the British Community, the Cemetery of the Polish Heroes and the remains of the former Old Gothic Cemetery, the German Cemetery of Honor, and the Orthodox Cemetery and the German soldiers' quarters. There are also graves and monuments of Napoleon soldiers, WWI soldiers, scouts and victims of Poznań Uprising - June 1956.


This year we celebrate the 80. anniversary of outbreak of the 2 World War. This is a perfect moment to follow the trails of it in Poznań. Our text about them will definitely help. Find out more...


fot. Mateusz Woźniak


fot. Norbert Zieliński



Join the parade on Święty Marcin Day


November 11th is one of the most interesting days in Poznań. It is not only the Independence Day but also the Day of Saint Martin. His coming to Poznań in Medieval times is surrounded by a legend and is one of the reasons for Saint-Martin croissants – famous and delicious treats from our region. The festival usually starts with the cheerful parade after which the keys to the city are handed over to the Saint Martin. It is time of concerts and fun. It is the best opportunity to try our croissants and visit the ingenious Sain-Martin Croissants Museum.



fot. CK Zamek


fot. CK Zamek


fot. Karolina Adamska



Relax in Termy Maltańskie (Malta Thermal Baths)


There is nothing better than a relaxing stay at Termy Maltańskie, one of the biggest and most modern water sports complex in Poland. There is something for everyone in Termy Maltańskie: olympic swimming pool, aquapark with slides or outdoor pools. If you need to warm up even more, you can enjoy the saunas or spa, one of the best equipped in Poland. Situated by the Maltańskie Lake, near city centre, Termy Maltańskie are a perfect place for a cold afternoon. 


Get more information about Termy Maltańskie...




fot. Termy Maltańskie




See an interesting exhibition


Cultural life flourishes in Autumn. The art galleries do their best to attract art-hungry visitors. In The Old Brewery, in its Gallery on the Courtyard great painter, poster and stage designer Ryszard Kaja has his posthumous exhibition. Poznań Photoplasticon shows unique pictures of Poznań on the edge of 19th and 20th century, when (then) Prussian POSEN was kind of a different city… For those less serious MIMI store on Słowackiego Street prepared the miniatures of Poznań built of LEGO bricksEthnography Museum reminds of the 300th anniversary of coming the Bamberg people to our city which is the example of the perfect immigration.


źródło: www.facebook.com/KajaRyszard


fot. Fotoplastykon Poznański




Enjoy the theatrical evening


After holidays the artists come back to the stages to amaze the audience. In the Grand Theatre (Opera) its premiere will have Anhelli – visionary libretto based on poem by splendid Polish writer Juliusz Słowacki. Also, Manru returns to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Wielkopolskie Uprising. If you necessarily look for translated spectacle, the Teatr Nowy presents its various repertoire with English subtitles.





Go back to the times of Fortress Poznań


Did you know that Poznań is surrounded by 19 forts, built by Prussians to protect the Empire from the possible attacks from the East? Today, some of them are ruined but some invite to learn the history of the Fortress Poznań. We recommend espacially Forts IIIVa, VI and VII. The last one served as the first concentration camp on the Polish lands and functiones as a Museum of Martyrology of Wielkopolska.


fot. Muzeum Martyrologii Wielkopolan


fot. Sławek Wąchała




Text: Antonina Bogdanowicz, Norbert Zieliński

Main photo: Anna Kryśkowiak


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