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Safely in Poznań

Poznań gets back in the game! And we play fair. That means our attractions offer a safe product maintaining standrads set due to the present situation. We'd like you to also play fair and obey a few simple rules. Then, your stay in Poznań will not only be unforgettable but also fully safe.

You can travel to Poznań! Hotels opened their doors for the new visitings and in bars and restaurants guests are back. But it doesn't mean you can allow yourself anything. Below a few advices how to maintain safety when discovering our City!



1. Be healthy

You have a fever, cough and/or a cold and you may infect others? Stay home. We know that the cancellation of the fully organised trip is not easy but sometimes necessary. Try to reschedule your stay and if it's not possible - cancel it.


2. Travel with friends

If you plan a visit with other people, be sure they are ones you have daily contact with. Then, on condition that you stay safe, chance of infecting yourselves or others gets smaller.


3. Be informed

Before you book your hotel, before you get on the train and before you choose most interesting attraction - check how and IF you can visit them. Despite this chance, not every facility decided to reopen. Visit their websites or call them. You'll avoid any dissapointment.


4. Read announcements

At the door to many places you'll notice information with basic rules of behavior. Stop for a second and read them. Who needs uncomfortable situation? ;)


5. Keep your mask with you

Although since May 30th you don't have to cover your nose and mouth outside, in shops, museums and public transport they're still obligatory. Rememeber that in the Tourist Information points you can buy lovely masks with Poznań goats! :)


6. Keep your distance

Remember to stay at least 1,5 meters from each other.


7. Remember about principles in public transport

At the moment in Poznań public transport there is a limit of passangers. It is half of available seats. The safest is to take one shortly after getting on the tram or a bus. If it's impossible, the limit is full.
You could never buy a ticket from the driver during the day, but it's opposite on the night buses. HOWEVER! Now, on the night buses there is no chance of buying ticket from the driver. Get them before the trip - in the ticket machine or via app designed for that.


8. If you get sick during your stay...

If you feel sick during your trip or stay and you'll notice such symptoms as fever, cough or others, stay in your current place and inform the staff! 


9. Have fun

We believe that following these rules will make your stay great. And hists will remember you iat your best!


And most imprtantly - HAVE FUN!



Text by Poznan.travel

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