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The Eagle and Cross spectacle in Dzieje Park

This summer, Dzieje Park in Murowana Goślina will once again host the biggest night outdoor show in Poland!

An extraordinary show

In June and July 2021, the nightly show 'Eagle and Cross. Great Victories" returns to the Dzieje Park. Spectators visiting Murowana Goślina will be able to see the biggest night show about Polish history: a spectacular story about the history of Poland and Poles.


The Eagle and Cross spectacle in Dzieje Park


The unique form, amazing light effects and mappings on water, pyrotechnics, moving music, horses and acrobats will allow the audience to take a journey through the history of Poland: from legends and the founding of the Polish state through the Middle Ages, the triumphs of the Hussars, the Swedish Flood, to the Solidarity movement. All this on a huge, 44 000 m2 outdoor "stage" created at the highest stage and artistic level by almost 400 volunteers, playing the roles of over 1500 characters.


The Eagle and Cross spectacle in Dzieje Park


This year the show tells the story of the Great Victories. Witness the characteristic moments of the great victory at Grunwald, the hussar charge at Vienna and move into the middle of the Battle of Warsaw 1920 to watch with bated breath as the Red Army's deluge is bravely broken up by Piłsudski's flanking manoeuvre!


The Eagle and Cross spectacle in Dzieje Park


Before the show, guests can travel back in time and immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of an Old Polish feast to eat, drink, sing and be merry in true Old Polish style.


To date, the "Eagle and Cross" show has been seen by more than 58,000 spectators. Take a seat in the auditorium where you will experience an unforgettable story in 1.5 hours!




There will be 8 performances this season:

  • 25 & 26 June (Fri, Sat)
  • 2 & 3 July (Fri, Sat)
  • 9 & 10 July (Fri, Sat)
  • 16 & 17 July (Fri, Sat)

Performances start after dark, at 9 p.m. Finishing around 11 p.m.



Ticket sales: www.parkdzieje.pl


The Eagle and Cross spectacle in Dzieje Park



Park Dzieje


Park Dzieje offers many attractions for children and adults - including:

  • daytime shows (Zawisza, Wielkopolska Uprising, King Przemysl's Falconer),
  • children's theatre,
  • medieval catapults,
  • a knight's castle,
  • falconry,
  • fairy garden,
  • mini zoo,
  • shooting range,
  • herbarium,
  • relaxation area,
  • and many others.


Park Dzieje


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