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Amore Bio Gelato

At 38 Święty Marcin Street you will find an incredible place where history and tradition of real, craft and most of all DELICIOUS Italian artisan gelato is cultivated.

Created with passion and love, produced at our gelateria and from ingredients of the highest quality, our gelato will delight your palates. Hazelnuts of Piedmont, sunny Sicily pistachios and Lombardia’s nougat can all be found here. We import nuts, cocoa and chocolate ourselves. The products we use, such as milk and cream, sugar, fruit, nuts and a selection of chocolate are always natural and of highest quality. We don’t use colourings, preservatives, ice cream base, powdered milk, eggs (except from selected flavours) or fruit juice concentrates. Our products are entirely natural, hypoallergenic and gluten free. We offer vegan as well as dairy ice cream.


Each day is a new inspiration for us. Thanks to the knowledge and experience we’ve gained working with Italian masters of gelato art, we can make our offer very special. You will find unique flavours here and every scoop will conjure unforgettable moments.


Only here you can try exceptional sorbets made from seasonal fruit, vegetables and flowers, such as rhubarb, elderberry or ginger sorbets. Only at our gelateria chocolate ice cream is made from very special ingredients like cocoa 22/24%, Venezuelan chocolate Sur del Lago or Peruvian  Apurimac.


We invite you to visit the unique place.

Amore Bio Gelato
Św. Marcin 38
61-807 Poznań


tel. +48 602 77 22 50

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