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Eatalia Poznań

After the huge success that reached the restaurant in Borowiec, premises in Poznan is another which was opened under the name Eatalia. The restaurant is located in the heart of Old Town, at the corner Golebia/ Wroclawska street and it i san integral part of the beautiful and elegant interior of a pearl of Polish architecture, Hotel Palazza Rosso. Eatalia is a pun of words ‘eat’ and ‘Italia’. The name is intended as a part of the dishes which we serve is typically Italian but we also offer other original tastes.

In our kitchen you can find original Italian products, we don’t use artificial ingredients. Everything is fresh, home-made, healthy and hopefully – tasty. We prepare some dishes using modern technology Sous Vide, that is cooking in vacuum. This method allows to keep original look and structure of products in a cooking process. This is how we obtain dishes of the highest quality without losing vitamins, natural juices and enzymes. Dishes prepared using this method are juicy, delicate and easily digestible.


Eatalia offers a list of selected wines carefully chosen by our sommelier and delicious coffee, roasted in a small family roasting plant near Padua, which you can enjoy in one of the dining rooms, the patio or the garden.

Eatalia Poznań
Gołębia 6
61-834 Poznań



tel. +48 61 278 71 86
tel. +48 502 580 950

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