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Model of Former Poznań

The Franciscan Church’s vaults host 3 models: the model of historic Poznań, the model of first Piasts’ town and the model of the Old Market Square. The first one depicts Poznań as presented in Braun-Hogenberg’s picture of 1618 in the scale of 1:150. The second one shows the appearance of Poznań in 10th century. In consideration of blind people, third model (1:100) has been made in the convex technique. The descriptions of the elements are in Braille.

The model shows Poznań as it was presented in Braun-Hogenberg's picture of 1618. Its central part is covered by a town located on the left bank of Warta River, in the circle of medieval walls. Additionally, you can see a miniature of Ostrów Tumski, which is of great importance in the history of Poznań and Poland, as well as miniatures of the following suburban villages: Chwaliszewo, Garbary, St. Martin and St. Adalbert.

Visitors may listen to a half-hour recording on historical Poznaƒ, the life of its residents and how the town has evolved over the ages. A lighting system highlights successive sections of the town as they are described in the recording.  

The show of lights, sound and special effect with a commentary in Polish, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. The show takes about 30 min. The model consists of 2300 objects in scale 1:150. 

Model of Former Poznań
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