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Cafe Ole!

Our restaurant Café Ole! serves unique dishes, inspired by Central-European and Mediterranean cuisine. Most of our receipts are realized using ingredients from local producers, and our priority is quality of served dishes; therefore, we never use “gastronomic” equivalents for natural products. Most highly appreciated from our menu are Greater Poland-style goose, bistro roast beef, French-style duck and fish soup a la Bouillabaisse. We serve delicious coffee for dessert, together with home-made sweets and cakes. All this inside the stylish restaurant, resembling pre-war European cafeterias and French brasseries.

Restaurant is located on the main square, with a view over the city hall. In a nice and cosy atmosphere one can chill after bike trip or just come for a Sunday dinner or maybe working lunch. Only few hundred meters divides the main square from beautiful landscape park by the river. Parking in front of the restaurant is free on weekends. Our restaurant is recommended by the "Guide of Wielkopolska" and Hachette gastronomic guide "Unusual places. Pubs, inns and restaurants".

Cafe Ole!
Plac 20 Października 4
63-100 Śrem


tel. +48 61 281 01 90

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