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A temple of grate and good manners. Immaculate service. The culinary creationsbeing a combination of the elegant lightness of Mediterranean cooking with the cannons of traditional French cuisine.... with a little polish twist. Absolutely outstanding game and meat courses! 

Enormous Wine List designed for connoisseurs as well as for those guests who want to try some fine, reasonably priced wine to go as a complement with their food. Utterly luxurious and rather formal this is possibly the best venue around and definitely one of the most desired establishment to pay your visit in the country. A twelve years old now but still a little jewel.

2003-2010 Winner of NEWSWEEK'S: Best Restaurant, Best kitchen, Best Service and Best Design. BEST RESTAURANT in last 10 years according to POZNAŃ INTERNATIONAL FAIR. Founder and Member of THE BEST FOOD POZNAŃ.


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