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77 Sushi

We are hotheads of Japanese cuisine and take care to ensure the freshest products and the best service possible. Great attention is being paid to the proper temperature of rice and the weight of fish parts. We want to make your visit in 77 Sushi a delicious and fine experience. 

Do you know that:

  • All the products come from reputable providers who deliver only the freshest fish and seafood.
  • Our sushi is being prepared just after your order and served as fast as possible.
  • 77 Sushi has never sold and will never sell CO treated tuna.
  • The quality of food and service is systematically chcecked by trained auditors and mysterious clients.
  • 77 Sushi has created the special Children's Menu for our youngest guests.
  • We feel responsible for our guests satisfaction.


77 Sushi
Woźna 10
61-777 Poznań


tel. +48 61 853 33 86