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The spacious interiors of the tenement building no. 73-74 in Poznań Stary Rynek are a combination of the historical past and the modern present. Hidden inside is a unique brewery, an excellent restaurant and a three-star hotel. Brovaria is an exceptional place – for many reasons.

The beer in Brovaria comes from the only restaurant brewery in Poznań, and it is made in three variants: wheat, honey and pils. All beers served in Brovaria are unpasteurized. The guests have a choice of sitting at the modern bar with a view to the square, or a spacious beer hall with a view of brewing vats. Another gem in Brovaria is its elegant restaurant as well as its brick cellars, hidden underground.

Brovaria’s speciality is the beer brewed in the very building, but also beer-based cocktails. The bar menu is also worth looking at. If your preference is to feast with a frosty pitcher in your hand, the wide stone stairs will lead you to the beer room. There, with an atmosphere resembling the best Oktoberfest, you will find bright lights, plenty of space and copper gleam of the beer vats. If you would like to enjoy your cold one in more relaxed space, you are welcome to explore the brick cellars, with their dimmed lights and quieter music, allowing you the perfect getaway from the daily bustle. In the summer, Brovaria also offers a spacious beer garden.
Brovaria is proud of its extraordinary culinary offer. The author of the menu is Chef Paweł Rozmiarek, the winner of The Culinary Cup of Poland.
You can take the beers produced at Brovaria home with you – the small barrels make perfect souvenirs.
Stary Rynek 73-74


tel. +48 61 858 6868