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Poznań Tours

We invite anyone and everyone wishing to know more about Poznań than they could find out from traditional guidebooks to try our guided tour offer. Themed walking tours, golf cart and vintage bus and tram rides are just some of the options. Poznań guides will do their absolute best to show you Poznań professionally, earnestly and with passion.

Tour guides always make sure to engage both the older and the younger tour participants by selecting the most attractive locations filled with interesting stories, beautiful architecture and unique landmarks. A golf cart or vintage bus ride will definitely make the city sightseeing a lot more memorable.

Below, we present a selection of various guided tours:

- free tours

- paid custom tours

- rides

- tours during various events






  • Free Walkative Tour


dates: Saturday, Sunday

duration: 1 h 45 min

start: 10:45am, Plac Wolności (Freedom Square)





The very popular initiative of free guided tours (based on tips) can be found in most big cities - from Krakow to Wrocław to Lviv, and now also in Poznań. Tours of the Old Town, the Imperial District and Jeżyce are available. Tours last approximately 2 hours. No reservation required, but the organisers aim at smaller groups, so larger groups are recommended to book the tour in advance. Tours are available in English, Polish or on individual requests also in Spanish, French, Italian, German.


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  • Audio Guides


With audio guides you can see the city at your own individual pace and in the order selected by you. Audio guides have been prepared in mp3 format in four diff erent themed tourist routes: The Oldest Poznań, The Old Town, 19th century Poznań and Following the Modernism Route.


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  • Tourist Information Office - Old Market Square

Working with the creme de la creme of tour guides, the Tourist Information Point in Stary Rynek in Poznań offers the booking of guided tours via email (by filling an online form) or on the spot at Stary Rynek 59/60. The language range is very wide and includes Polish, German, English, Russian, French, Spanish and even Japanese. The route of the tour as well as the starting point are agreed upon directly with the guide.


>> Online form and price list available  HERE <<



  • City Guide Poznań

A group associating many city guides. Passion and competence  go hand in hand in an organised guided tour from City Guide Poznań.


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  • City Event Poznań

City Event are experienced guides, with hundreds, if not thousands of satisfied tourist customers on their books. Unusual themed tours will familiarize visitors with the culture and traditions of Wielkopolska. It is worth noting that City Guide organizes the only culinary trip in Poznan, as well as tincture tasting or urban games.


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  • Golf carts

If walking dozens of kilometers on city streets is not your cup of tea, Poznań can help with that! Small, 6-passenger electric golf carts will take you around Poznań’s most interesting historical areas; you can choose between the Old Town, the former Imperial District and Ostrów Tumski with audio guide information in Polish, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.


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  • Vintage trams and buses

The City Transport Company invites you to take a ride on antique trams and buses. Tram no. 0 will take you to the City Transport Museum, or take you on a tour around the most interesting parts of the city. The bus route no. 100 runs from Poznań Main Station through the city center (next to the Old Market Square), around the Cathedral Island to the New Zoo, and then through the Imperial District (National Museum, Imperial Castle), next to Old Brewery, back to the Main Station. The buses and trams operate on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays starting with the end of April until the end of September. Find out more at www. poznan. travel, www.ztm.poznan.pl and www.mpk. poznan.pl.


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Of course, there is more to any city than its streets - individual tourist objects also allow guided tours. Themed guided tours available in Porta Posnania or the Night Tours in the Palm House is just a couple of the many initiatives in Poznań. For more information, be sure to follow the calendars and updates of the museums themselves.


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