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Music for the event

The musical setting is a vital element of the atmosphere and image of any event. A festive banquet, a cocktail party or a theme evening gain in exceptional character with the addition of well- matched music. Below, there is a comprehensive list of recommended music business specialists, operating in and around Poznań.



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Poznań based band Projekt Niebo is an interesting combination of smooth female vocals and pop/jazz standards as well as well arranged, modern day hits. The band performs in two possible line-ups - a smaller one, ideal for mini-concerts and elegant background music and a larger one for bigger events. The group had performed at many prestigious events, and their website offers many recommendations from satisfied customers.


Websitewww.zespolprojektniebo.com |  

Contact:  +48 886 305 146 | e-mail: zespolprojektniebo@gmail.com 

Style: pop/jazz/swing/bossa nova/funk/soul.

Musicposłuchaj Projekt Niebo

Additional servicesMaster of ceremony, sound system, DJ or sound technician services ect.



fot. materiały promocyjne Projekt Niebo






Swing Brothers is a 9-member band performing mostly at banquets, balls, team building events or concerts. They have performed in most of the top hotels in Poland - Marriott, Jan III Sobieski, Sheraton, Hyatt, Mercure, Holiday Inn as well as for many Polish and international companies. The band was also honoured to perform for the President of Poland at the President’s Palace and for three years now, at Poland’s most expensive New Year’s Eve Ball in Le Royal Meridien Bristol hotel.


Website: www.swingbrothers.pl

Contact: +48 602 214 690 | e-mail: janzeyland@swingbrothers.pl

Style: dance music/swing/all time hits.

Music: posłuchaj Swing Brothers

Additional services: all additional services are negotiable; each offer is addressed individually.



fot. Swing Brothers




Dixie Company is a traditional jazz band from Poznań, Poland. Since its formation in 1993 the band has given hundreds of shows and taken part in 
a number of prestigious events and festivals in Poland and other European countries. The band performed during jazz festivals and gave concerts in jazz clubs in France, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary end in USA. In Germany they shared stage with Danish jazz band Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz Band and Dutch jazz ensemble Dutch Swing College Band. Mr Acker Bilk with his Paramount Jazz Band was an honorary guest and a star during Dixie Company’s 15th anniversary. For the last couple of years Dixie Company has successfully organized Traditional Jazz Festival in Poznan. Such stars as Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen accepted the band’s invitation to take part in the festival. 
Last three years, the group collaborates with American singers Diane Davidson and Donna Brown.They played in Sacramento Music Festival, in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Diego and San Francisco. Dixie Company performances are fast moving shows leaving the audience totally exhilarated. The strong front line and the solid rhythm section combine to create enjoyable and swinging trad jazz. Energy and enthusiasm are guaranteed by the singing and virtuoso performance of the banjo player.


Strona internetowa: www.dixiecompany.plhttp://oldjazzfestival.pl, www.facebook.com/DixieCompany

Kontakt:  +48 602 610 489 | e-mail: soroka@mga.com.pl

Styl: Jazz, swing.

Muzyka: TVP, VIII Poznań Old Jazz Festival: http://poznan.tvp.pl/27277696/viii-poznan-old-jazz-festival-08102016 , Diane Davidson i Dixie Company - 45 International Dixieland Festival Dresden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVqol_XarFk , Sacramento Music Festival: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4T_pQbJDPbM

Usługi dodatkowe: do negocjacji z zespołem; każda oferta rozpatrywana jest indywidualnie.


fot. Dixie Company





Gentle Jazz Trio consists of: a female lead singer with a deep, soul voice, a jazz guitarist and a saxophone player.The band offers musical setting in the form of a concert or soft background music. They have accompanied many conferences and galas organized, among others, by Poznań International Fair. 


Website: www.gentlejazztrio.flavors.me 

Contact:  +48 601 887 298 | e-mail: biuro@jazzevent.pl

Style: jazz/swing/bossa nova/soul/pop/r’n’b/groove.

Music: posłuchaj Gentle Jazz Trio

Additional services: the group is available for instrumental-only performances as well as an exclusive live cover band with a brass section.



fot. Roman Baran, dzięki uprzejmości zespołu Gentle Jazz Trio





Cadillac ‘58 is characterised by an authentic, acoustic 50’s sound. The band consists of a tenor saxophone, jazz guitar and a double bass. They offer instrumental performances as jazz cocktail music during a banquet, a main evening attraction concert or award gala accompaniment.


Webstie: www.cadillac58.info

Contact: tel. +48 601 887 298 | e-mail: biuro@jazzevent.pl

Style: standardy muzyki jazz/soul/utwory autorskie.

Music: posłuchaj Cadillac ‘58

Additional servicesCooperating with female lead singers.


fot. Fotobueno dzięki uprzejmości zespołu Cadillac '58





Poznań’s First Non Symphonic Ukulele Orchestra (Pierwsza Poznańska Niesymfoniczna Orkiestra Ukulele) are 4 musicians performing popular tunes on a Hawaiian guitar and classic or electric double bass. Their repertoire is constantly expanding so that each performance includes something new and surprising even for those who have heard them before.



Website: www.ppnou.pl | 

Contact: tel. +48 730240650; +48 606876664 | e-mail: ukulele@konczal-szwarc.pl

Style: Arrangements of world and Polish popular music.

Music: posłuchaj PPNOU

Additional services: -


fot. PPNOU







GOŚCIE perform in a group of minimum 6. The band offers music services around Wielkopolska and the country. The script and repertoire of each event is carefully designed in each detail according to the contract giver’s prerequisites.


Website: www.goscie.info | 

Contact: tel. +48 697 144 242 | e-mail: info@goscie.info

Style: Covers of popular songs; depending on individual agreement.

Music: posłuchaj Goście Cover Band

Additional servicesMaster of ceremony, sound system, possibility of collaborating with other artists, DJ or sound technician services.






La Guardia music band specialises in cover performances of the greatest music hits. Many years of stage experience allows the musicians to constantly expand the already wide selection of available songs, both Polish and international.


Website: www.laguardia.com.pl | 

Contact:  601 228 639 | e-mail: kontakt@laguardia.com.pl

Style: rock/pop/soul.

Music:  posłuchaj laGuardia

Additional services: proffesional soundsystem.





Commers Band is a group of professional musicians with a passion, performing live as a big band (9 people).They perform popular music standards in ambitious and and original arrangements. So far, they have performed at many company events.


Website: www.commersband.pl | 

Contact:   692 649 249 | misiak.m@wp.pl

Style: swing/ boogie/rock and roll/samba/cha-cha/walc/tango/reggae/pop/dance/funk/soul.

Music: posłuchaj Commers Band

Additional services: technical Support.




fot. Commers Band





Sweet Beat offers wholesome event organization services. They are available for performances as a full band (5 people), a trio or a duet. The band has nearly 180 pieces of music in their program and is also open to suggestions and including items from outside of their standard music list into the event repertoire. 


Webstie: www.sweetbeat.pl | 

Contact:  +48 609 250 919 | e-mail: kontakt@sweetbeat.pl

Style: Upon individual agreement, depending on the repertoire; popular tunes as well as musical novelties.

Music: posłuchaj Sweet Beat

Additional servicestrzy poziomy oświetlenia, DJ, compere, organization of additional attractions.


fot. Sweet Beat





For five years, Gigant Orchestra has been in the business of musical setting for concerts, balls, banquets and other indoor and outdoor events. The band has performed in such venues and hotels as  Amber Baltic, Andersia, Hotel Poznań, Radisson and Gołębiewski.


Website: www.gigantorkiestra.pl | 

Contact:  +48 664 982 582; +48 660 036 586 | e-mail: gigantorkiestra@interia.pl

Style: Upon individual agreement.

Music: posłuchaj Gigant Orkiestra

Additional servicesthe possibility of extending the band with additional instruments.



fot. Gigant Orkiestra




Novi String Quartet delivers the musical settings for banquets, galas, business meetings etc. They offer concert performances at outdoor and private parties. The group operates mostly in Poznań area, but upon arrangement also accepts contracts around the whole country and abroad. 


Website: www.novi-string-quartet.pl

Contact: +48 697 729 496; +48 603 205 026  | e-mail: nsq@novi-string-quartet.pl

Style: classic tunes, jazz, films music, entertainment music

Music: posłuchaj Novi String Quartet     

Additional services: an addition of a lead singer is available upon request.



fot. Michał Jurkiewicz




Professional string quartet  "Artu'S KWARTET” is made up of graduates and students of I.J. Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań. The instrumentalists offer musical setting of concerts, recitals, conferences, banquets, vernissages, staged events and many others. They perform in Poland and Europe. The artists prepare and individual program for each event.


Website: www.artus.art.pl | 

Contact:  +48 602 704 553 | e-mail: kwartet@artus.art.pl

Style: Their repertoire includes chamber pieces from the most famous classical musicians (Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Czajkowski), arrangements of some of the most popular pieces of Music of Vienna, as well as contemporary pop, film and musical scores and world hits.

Music: posłuchaj Artu'S Kwartet  

Additional services: the artists prepare and individual program for each event. 



fot. Artu'S KWARTET





The 4TE all-female QUARTET offers performances in the form of concerts, banquets, community and private events. The group have many orchestra, chamber and solo projects on their resumes and they have perfected their craft playing with artists and orchestras from Poland and abroad, which has given them a variety of stage experiences.



Website: www.4tequartet.pl | 

Contact:  +48 696 449 538 | e-mail: kontakt@4tequartet.pl

Style: classical, popular, quartet arrangements of entertainment music by Michael Jackson, ABBA, Coldplay and many more. A diversified repertoire, fitted individually to the specific needs of the organizer.

Music: listen 4TE QUARTET

Additional services: all additional services are negotiable; each offer is addressed individually.


fot. OWEE Kwartet






With her harp music performances, Cecylia Matysik-Ignyś livens up banquets, conferences, symposia and many other types of company events. She also performs concerts and mini-recitals.



Website: www.cecylia-harfa.eu | 

Contact: tel. +48 695 595 101; +48 502 336 598 | e-mail: harfa@cecylia-harfa.eu ; eventy@cecylia-harfa.eu

Style: classic, film music, musical music,arrangements of pop music.

Music: posłuchaj Cecylii Matysik-Ignyś

Additional servicesalso available for duets with other instruments, such as the flute.


fot. Cecylia Matysik-Ignyś





The sounds of an electric cello combined with electronic music effects give the musical arrangements by Bartosz Zboralski an original and unusual musical quality. This artist offers musical settings for company parites as well as many other business events - such as the 2016 Motor Show.


Website: - | 

Contact: tel. +48 664 551 081 | e-mail: bartosz-zboralski@wp.pl

Style: film music, classic, electronic, covers.  

Music: posłuchaj Bartosza Zboralskiego

Additional services: an addition of vocals is also available.





Do końca lutego 2008 pracowałem w Grupie Radiowej Agory i byłem asystentem Dyrektora Muzycznego w sieciach radiowych Grupy (Złote Przeboje, Roxy FM).
Od marca 2008 jestem Szefem Muzycznym Radia Merkury Poznań - publicznej rozgłośni regionalnej i naszego projektu komercyjnego - MC Radia. Oprócz tego zajmuję się prowadzeniem najróżniejszych imprez (imprezy firmowe, integracyjne, wesela, zjazdy rodzinne itp.) oraz gram, jako DJ Zoran w poznańskich klubach: "Browar Pub" - prowadziłem tu m.in. swoją autorską imprezę "Vintage Sounds by Zoran" i "Cuba Libre".
Mój przepis na dobrą imprezę to: wiedza muzyczna ale też wiedza ogólna, umiejętność obserwacji, kultura i... dobry humor.
Współpracuję też z Międzynarodowymi Targami Poznańskimi przy oprawie muzycznej najróżniejszych imprez targowych. M.in.: 15.12.2013 poprowadziłem galę otwarcia odnowionego pawilonu nr 15 tzw.: "Hali Ziemi".
Nie ograniczam się jedynie do bycia DJ-em, biorę także na siebie obowiązki związane z byciem wodzirejem. Staram się zatem być "gospodarzem" wieczoru, w którego oprawie uczestniczę.
Moja najmocniejsza strona to dogłębna znajomość muzyki na przestrzeni epok i stylów i, co za tym idzie, bezbłędne wyczuwanie potrzeb klienta.
Specjalizuję się w prowadzeniu imprez dla cudzoziemców (b. dobra znajomość j.Angielskiego)



Strona internetowa:  

Kontakt: tel. - | e-mail: jedrzej.swierczynski@gmail.com

Styl: ustalany zgodnie z charakterem wydarzenia.

Muzyka: -

Usługi dodatkowe: konferansjer, prowadzenie wydarzeń, prowadzenie wydarzeń w języku angielskim



fot. właność Jędrzej Świerczyński



As a professional DJ, Karol Michalewicz performs at tens of various events a year - company, team building, picnics, communal. He operates nationwide, and offers a wide variety of additional services, such as video sets with the use of turntables.


Website: www.karolmichalewicz.pl | 

Contact: tel. +48 603 692 612 | e-mail: dj@karolmichalewicz.pl

Style: Upon individual agreement.

Music: posłuchaj Karola Michalewicza

Additional serviceswide variety of additional services, such as video sets with the use of turntables.



fot. Karol Michalewicz





Funtastic Events is a company professionally engaged in the music service and cultural events throughout the Poland. 11- years of experience, individual approach and recognize the needs of the customer is the key to success - music service or animation at the highest level. We prepare every event individually, to fulfill in 100 % vision of our customer. We developing a musical setting of individual events: events, weddings, anniversaries, conferences and events, festivals and concerts, store opening, school party with animations run by a clown.


Website: www.funtasticevents.pl | 

Contact: +48 791 078 828  | info@funtasticevents.pl

Style: Upon individual agreement.

Music: posłuchaj Łukasza Bekasa

Additional servicesMaster of ceremony, sound system, DJ or sound technician services ect.





If you need a classy DJ this is the right offer for you. Organizing our event’s wholesome musical setting at the highest musical and cultural level. Specialising in company parties, banquets, cocktail parties with both current hits and jazz standards, music from the 70s, 80s and 90s and club music. A great musical selection, the art of fitting the right repertoire - give yourself and your guests a party different than any other. 


Website: www.facebook.com/wettymusic | 

Contact: tel. +48 888 048 115 | e-mail: mokrzyckim@wp.pl

Style: Upon individual agreement.

Music: dj Wetty soundcloud

Additional services: cooperation with an excellent saxophone player also available upon request and arrangement.



fot. Maciej Mokrzycki




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