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Black Box - escape & destroy room

Are you looking to destress, let off some steam and leave your problems behind? Black Box Escape & Destroy Room is just the place for you! Here, you can almost totally and with complete impunity wreck and destroy a whole room, using many “sophisticated” tools such as a baseball bat, a police baton, a crowbar or a hammer.

Practically every item in the room can be annihilated and completely destroyed - from plates to glasses, to the TV, the PC, to furniture and books. Your inner demolition man can finally come out! You can get rid of all the accumulated negative emotions, stress and anger by wreaking havoc and ravaging a specially prepared room for a whole 45 minutes, and also burn off some calories while you are at it.


Be sure to pop by the tenement house at Kanałowa 17, and ring 99! For more information, click here.

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020