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Dominik Brodziak - the new summer special at ENJOY restaurant

Come and ejnoy the new and superb menu at ENJOY restaurant. Dominik Brodziak the main chef  has managed yet again to impress and surprise his guests with the unique combinations of flavors and tastes. 

Foodies will especially enjoy the tasting menu – during which guests have the opportunity to become accustomed with the different aspects of the menu while tasting 7-9 mini portions of the unique gourmet compositions.


Monkfish carpaccio with fried onion, pumpernikiel and fascinating oil

The menu is filled with traditional polish cuisine inspirations, such as  warm sorrel soup served with egg, fresh cucumber and apple juice, carrillera and/or veal served with oyster mushrooms. One can also find fascinating seafood elements such as monkfish or baked mussels. For the whole menu click the following link  menu.


Sander fillet, herb croutons, mushrooms and estragon


Those who have a sweet tooth are advised to leave room for dessert. With all the different sweet little treats you can be sure of one thing: making up your mind won’t be easy. A few of the dessert options are: strawberry parfait, pineapple ravioli with mascarpone and/or date cake.


Chocolate fondant with cream



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