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“Słodkie” - coffee and cake

The tradition of “słodkie” (coffee and cake, served in the afternoon) is Poznań at its finest. “Słodkie” is a must; we have to go out for “słodkie”; “słodkie” is the appropriate suggestion to serve to unexpected afternoon visitors. What is interesting, it can sometimes be offered even prior to the main meal. Luckily, there is no need to spend hours slaving over a hot stove, preparing your own baked goods. What are the pros there for, if not to please your and your guests’ palates with a slice of lovely apple pie, or a mouth-watering cheesecake. Of course, “słodkie” would not be what it is without a nice cup of steaming coffee - especially one brewed professionally from carefully selected coffee beans.

Zielona Weranda caffe & ristorante

Paderewskiego 7, Poznań

www.werandafamily.com/zielona-weranda/ | phone no.: +48 61 851 32 90


Apart from excellent homemade cakes and desserts, Zielona Weranda offers a unique atmosphere and some time to relax and enjoy yourself in a quiet garden at the very heart of the city. This is a cafe with these charming little details in its interior design, which add to a very warm and homey feeling, and the jungle of paper-mache ornaments hanging from the ceiling transports you into a sort of a fairytale, really. This is the perfect place for a cup of good coffee, a romantic date or lunch and gossip with your girlfriends.


Brisman Kawowy Bar

Mickiewicza 20, Poznań

www.brisman.pl | phone no.: +48 726 840 220


This place specialises in coffee, prepared in all various ways. The guys behind the bar are true barista pros - participants and finalists of barista championships and masters of “latte art” - the art of painting in milk foam on coffee. You are a coffee enthusiast who has been places and tried things, and you think you know a lot about your everyday cup of joe? At Brisman Kawowy Bar you will find out much, much more, and open yourself up to new coffee flavours and experiences.


La Ruina

Śródka 3, Poznań

www.laruina.pl | phone no.: +48 606 280 505


La Ruina is famous among the lovers of coffee and cheesecake. This tiny cafe is located a few meters from Porta Posnania and the Cathedral church, and it is the ideal spot for the first stop during your stroll around this charming part of Poznań. The style of the place is dictated by the owners themselves who just happen to live in the very same townhouse, the coffee is brewed in a few interesting ways and the iconic La Ruina cheesecakes are described by some as the best they have ever had.


Other interesting places can be found at www.deser.poznan.travel

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