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Dobra i Wino

Dobra i Wino restaurant is one of last weeks’ hottest new arrivals. This elegant, modern establishment offers an opportunity to spend quality time over a glass of wine and unconventional food. Did you know that this ambitious project is the natural evolution of the heart gripping Dobra Kawiarnia project? Dobra i Wino is positive vibes, hundreds of wine labels and Poznan’s first mozzarella bar.


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It all began with a place by the name of Dobra Kawiarnia at Nowowiejskiego, serving sandwiches, cakes and a simple lunch menu. This space was co-created with the assistance of people with intellectual disabilities. As seen on the Dobra Kawiarnia’s website, “these people are specialists in terms of things good and simple - we acknowledge their potential and the clarity of their intentions”.  It is as simple as that. The work of this extraordinary staff adds something which cannot be bought to each plate of food served there.



Today, you are cordially invited to a brand new establishment, which constitutes an ambitious evolution of the aforementioned project. For a few weeks now, at Za Bramką, Dobra i Wino restaurant operates as Dobra Kawiarnia’s younger, more modern and more elegant sister.


Dobra i Wino is both a restaurant and a wine bar with over two hundred wine labels. Wines can be bought to take away, or be consumed here, with a corkage of 20 PLN per each bottle consumed in the locale. Around 30 pairings of wines are served here with particular dishes and are sold by the glass. A carafe of house wine is a mere 15 PLN.



The menu offers a selection of tasty and nicely served dishes from a broadly understood European cuisine - soups, salads, meats and excellent prawns. The real attraction however is the mozzarella bar - the idea is to serve the original Italian Mozzarella di Bufala with an assortment of various additions; a concept close to the Spanish tapas or the Italian antipasti. It looks great and tastes terrific, and could be the perfect pretext for a first visit to DiW.


There will surely be more pretexts to pop on over once you try some of the meals a’la carte. We certainly recommend the pairing of wine with a hot chorizo pan, and the prawns and steaks are to die for! Do give them a try, we insist!



Dobra i Wino is open from midday till the last guest. And very soon - at the beginning of March, to be more precise - an assortment of breakfasts will be offered from as early as 7.45am! We will be sure to check them out.


A multi-level parking facility is available in the very same building.



And, to conclude - a piece of gossip as juicy as DiW steak! Works are already underway for yet another project relying on the invaluable work of the extraordinary helpers! Keep your ears open!




Dobra i Wino
Za Bramką 1, 61-842 Poznań
www.dobraiwino.pl  |   kontakt@dobraiwino.pl

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