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Rico’s Kitchen

Authentic Chinese cuisine with all its tastes and flavors.

The owner Rico together with a team of native Chinese chefs has created a restaurant that could literally be transferred into any Chinese town. The served food makes you understand and appreciate the meaning of Asian cuisine.

Things that you can always count on are fresh sea food that is on display: black tiger shrimp, octopus and numerous fish types, some of them quite exotic.

This way each guest has the opportunity to look their food in the eye before deciding to put it on their plate. Sounds brutal? Well... at least you know it's fresh!

Other specials at Rico's include traditional fried rice and noodles, green tea and goat.

An undoubtable asset of the place is also its interesting modern design and impressive photographs which create an almost gallery like feeling, that is however quite comfortable. 


With all its quirkiness it’s a place worth checking out. Go Asian! Go to Rico! Enjoy!

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020