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Oriental cuisine

The popular sushi is not the only suggestion for the lovers of the Orient. There are also plenty of tips for those seeking Chinese, Thai or Indian food. It is worth mentioning that these locales are mostly run by chefs from remote corners of the world, which in turn is a guarantee of the original recipes. The chefs themselves do admit however that our subtle European palates would not be able to withstand the full power of their national dishes, and so their versions on our plates are slightly milder. So, if you are a gourmand whose palate is seasoned in culinary battle, tell the staff to ask the chef to serve you a more authentic version of their exotic dishes.

Rico’s Kitchen

27 Grudnia 9, Poznań

www.facebook.com/OjjisanMilkBar | tel.: +48 693 789 92


Rico’s Kitchen is China in a unique variety. This petite locale grew more and more popular, until it was big enough to change locations and become a full-blown, impressive restaurant. The raw brick walls of this spacious restaurant are hung with large-scale photographs. Its biggest distinguishing feature, apart of course from the Chinese owner and chefs, is an impressive selection of fresh seafood. There is no menu card here; there is however a huge counter filled with sea monsters! Luckily, there is also  a friendly staff, more than happy to take the beginner Orient lovers by the hands and lead their way.


Taj India

Wiankowa 3, Poznań

www.tajindia.pl | tel.: +48 61 876 62 49


The taste of far-away India can be found at Poznań’s Lake Malta. Situated near the finish line of the regatta course, Taj India has been increasingly popular over the recent years. This is all thanks to the Indian chefs, who base their culinary efforts on original ingredients, specially brought in from India. A free table during lunch hour on a weekend is a rare occurrence, even though this spacious restaurant can seat several dozen people. Taj India is the two-time winner of the Korona Smakosza - a prize awarded for excellence in quality in a countrywide consumer poll.


Pad Thai

Drużbickiego 11, Poznań

www.padthairestauracja.pl | tel.: +48 61 840 76 66


After Magda Gessler’s Culinary Revolutions (the Polish answer to Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares), Pad Thai has gained in color, taste and popularity. The curiosity awoken by the show has slowly passed, but the number of patrons has not decreased even slightly. The changes introduced by the controversial celebrity chef and restaurateur have brightened up the restaurant, and Pad Thai has used this opportunity to stabilise their quality and style. On the menu, apart from a large selection of warm Thai dishes, there is also a selection of sushi.


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