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Łazarz - the foodie TOP 10

Today in the Łazarz district of Poznań there are at least 30 noteworthy restaurants, bars and cafes. It is enough to say that six of them have been mentioned in the prestigious Gault&Millau Poland culinary guide (2018 edition). Right now we would like to advise you on which of the many interesting choices you should check out first to really start your foodie adventure in Łazarz with a bang. You can believe us when we say - there are many things and places here worth discovering!

At the very start - a little disclaimer. When we set out to create this particular list, we went the route of making our lives as easy as possible. In doing so, this list does not include the excellent offer of City Park/Stare Koszary, as we plan on devoting a separate post to them alone. Below, you will find our top 10 foodie places in Łazarz in alphabetical order, where we explain not only who we recommend, but also - more importantly - why.


239 klubokawiarnia - for some of the best breakfasts in town

Sczanieckiej 10/2, Poznań

www.facebook.com/239kawiarnia | phone no.: +48 665 117 703

239 has been on our radar ever since its opening day. We have returned here many times, watching it grow. Today, much larger than before and with a much more refined menu, it is one of the best breakfast places in Poznań. It gets quite busy around breakfast time, which starts at 9am (on Saturdays and Sundays at 10) and at lunchtime so it might be good to book in advance. One thing we would still want to change - the opening hours, to earlier.



3 kapary pizza & pasta - for the passion and original Italian ingredients

Jarochowskiego 8, Poznań

www.facebook.com/3kapary | phone no.: +48 794 980 630

Three good friends started the 3kapary pizzeria with the aim to make the best Italian style pizza in the world. The training received in Italy, using original Italian produce and their relentless passion result in very tasty pizzas and a nice atmosphere in the restaurant. Whether or not it is indeed the world’s best pizza is totally up to you to decide - we think it is definitely a strong contender to the title. Apart from pizza they also serve fantastic Italian pasta - really al dente! PS. The pizza is also available on the food delivery service platforms, but it is worth taking into account that this style pizza is best when served straight from the oven and doesn’t do well with transport. If you can, order the pizza on the spot.


3 Kapary Pizza & Pasta - Jarochowskiego 8, Poznań



Barrio - for the wine selection, reasonable pricing and fantastic tapas!

Wyspiańskiego 13, Poznań

www.facebook.com/vinoladebarrio | phone no.: +48 883 536 747

Barrio in Łazarz is a wine-bar and a tapas bar in one. The impressive collection of Spanish wines is available to have there or to take away. When you have the wine there, Barrio does not add the corkage - well done! There are three whites and three reds available by the glass on permanent offer starting from as little as 5 PLN per glass, and the bottled wines start at 27 PLN. The small kitchen prepares fresh cold and warm Spanish tapas-style snacks, also available for take-away. This goes both for the food prepared on the spot and the original Spanish produce available in the shop part of the restaurant, such as cold cuts, cheeses or olives. We highly recommend it!


Barrio - Wyspiańskiego 13, Poznań



Brasserie Brique - za dyskretną elegancję i doskonała kuchnię

ul. Bolesława Limanowskiego 15, 60-744 Poznań

www.facebook.com/briquepoznan | +48 600 003 117


Brasserie Brique opened in April of 2018. The elegant Ilonn Boutique at Limanowskiego, rightfully associated with hospitality, has decided to put a bit more focus on its gastronomic activities and so, Brasserie Brique was born. Its charming and discreet elegance, as well as a refined, tasty and sophisticated menu are two of many reasons to come back here time and time again. Another reason is the multitude of interesting culinary-themed events organised here. Come and see for yourself - we very much recommend it!


Brasserie Brique (Ilonn Boutique) - ul. Limanowskiego 15, Poznań



Cafe Przymiarka - for the soul and the teddy ;)

Wyspiańskiego 15, Poznań

www.facebook.com/Cafe-Przymiarka | phone no.: +48 537 665 471

Przymiarka is a place with a soul. It is nice to sit around, have a chat, forget about your phone for a while and better yet - let it stay in your bag or pocket. To describe this charming cafe, let us borrow a few lines from one of its many Facebook reviews: “ Great cakes. One of a kind interior design. A friendly owner. Their takeaway coffee is a welcome treat during walks in the neighboring parks”. These words are spot on! On a more personal note we would like to add that this cafe has an underground! PS. You are probably wondering what it’s all about with the teddy? That will be your homework - to be done at Przymiarka.



Kuchnia PoWolność - for the green cuisine and positive attitude

ul. Kanałowa 15, Poznań

Kuchnia powolność has taken over after Hygge restaurant. It has put its roots down and everything is indicating it is doing well. The ultra short menu corresponds with the size of the place - merely a few items which change every once in a while. We think it is one of Poznań’s best vegetarian options although be forewarned - its popularity and its petite size means it is usually full and a table might be harder to come by. Everything is prepared from scratch and so, sometimes food will take a bit longer to arrive. 


Kuchnia PoWolność - Kanałowa 15, Poznań



Parle Patisserie - for being a breath of fresh air and for their omnipresent light

Grunwaldzka 33C, Poznań

www.facebook.com/parlepatisserie | phone no.: +48 575 551 664

Parle Patisserie’s arrival on the Poznań foodie map was accompanied by quite the hype. Located in a former sales center, it is rather captivating in its beauty. Bright, with a giant glass wall it works as a magnet to anyone driving by. Many people planned to visit Parle Patisserie but a definite minority ever wondered about its culinary offer. In French, a patisserie is something between a pastry shop and a bakery. If any warm dishes appear on the menu, they are simple and often served with the bread baked on the spot. Parle is this sort of place and now that you know what to expect, we insist you simply must see for yourself.


Parle Patisserie - Grunwaldzka 33C, Poznań


Pączuś i Kawusia - for the donuts, the coffee and the hearty kindness

Rynek Łazarski 8, Poznań

www.facebook.com/paczusikawusia | phone no.: +48 690 003 723

Even if the “hearty kindness” is a bit of a cheesy line, we fully stand by it. Pączuś i Kawusia is a place which perfectly combines great coffee, fabulous donuts, an interesting interior and extraordinary customer service - which makes you feel like less of a customer and more of a welcomed guest. The food is served with a smile and each question is answered with kindness. Pączuś i Kawusia is the kind of place you come in to hang out, and not just to buy a donut. It is also a top five establishment in terms of coffee. Do check them out! PS. It might be a good idea to book a table in advance.


Pączuś i Kawusia - Rynek Łazarski 8, Poznań



Rusztowanie grill•bistro - for the first steps towards the “meat” segment

Małeckiego 22, Poznań

www.facebook.com/rusztowanie.bistro | phone no.: +48 61 448 55 96

Jeżyce has its KRAFT, and from January of 2018, Łazarz can boast Rusztowanie Grill&Bistro. Both these restaurants specialise in meat dishes and they both enjoy great popularity so it is to be expected that more and more similar establishments will appear soon. One thing is certain - the competition increases together with the quality of the food served in them. The newly opened Rusztowanie is still analysing the market and stabilizing its offer. What they serve now is definitely noteworthy, so go forth and taste, test and share your opinions with the staff. They are a nice group of people, open to their guests and all their criticism. A great way to start your adventure with Rusztowanie is their now famous burger served on a shovel (we know, how hipster, right?) Included in the price is one of the sides and… a pair of rubber gloves! Why? Go and see for yourself! Come to Łazarz!


Rusztowanie grill•bistro - Małeckiego 22, Poznań



Salon z ogrodem - for their fine-tuned homemade food and the garden

Limanowskiego 5, Poznań

www.facebook.com/salonzogrodem | phone no.: +48 730 975 263

“Salon z ogrodem” is a restaurant serving domestic style cuisine. On the menu there is herring, pierogi, duck or blood soup - fresh, tasty and seasonal. Located in the Łazarz district of Poznań, the restaurant caters to its regulars who enjoy its menu and come back again and again. The reasonable pricing and attractive lunch menu offers encourage frequent visits. One of the restaurant’s biggest assets is hinted in its name - the lovely summer garden area, which on warm days offers a break and an escape from the noise and bustle of the city. Salon z ogrodem has received a mention in the prestigious  Gault&Millau culinary guide for 2018.


Salon z ogrodem - Limanowskiego 5, Poznań




ul. Kolejowa 29, 60-718 Poznań 
www.web.facebook.com/hotelmodernopoznan | +48 61 664 66 02
Do you like culinary surprises? Are you looking for "new" places to visit? We have them for you! The Moderno Hotel has been operating for several years, but despite this, not many Poznań residents are aware of the absolute gem we have here. You will find out more about the distinction granted to the restaurant by the prestigious Gault&Millau Polska publishing house, the unearthly steaks from its own maturing room and the palm trees in Poznan's Łazarz district from our website in a few days. In the meantime, book a table at the restaurant and remember - it has its own free car park for 50 cars.

Steak & Grill RESTAURANT (HOTEL MODERNO) - ul. Kolejowa 29, Poznań 





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