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In the green

More and more people are opting for meatless dishes. Some due to their beliefs, some due to medical reasons. There are also those who notice new horizons for culinary experiences in vegetarian cuisine. Regardless of the motives behind it, there is one purpose to the search - tasty and diverse food. Apart from places specialising exclusively in many types of vegetarian and vegan cuisine, there are also many locales who, despite their different profiles, gladly broaden their menus with a number of meat free selections. The “green cuisine” in all of its diversity is far from bland and boring, which brings joy to vegetarians and amazes even the most confirmed carnivores.


Jackowskiego 38, Poznań

www.facebook.pl/wypas | phone no.: +48 796 144 115


Wypas is a small locale in the Jeżyce district of Poznań. The dishes served here are refreshingly diverse and distinct tasting. Thanks to the meticulously prepared, impressive cuisine, Wypas has added itself to the ever-growing fame of Jeżyce, which has been changing its look for a few years now, and is quickly becoming one of Poznań’s most interesting districts, also culinary-wise. When visiting Wypas, be sure to check out the fully eco-friendly, edible plate!


Kwadrat vegan bistro & cafe

Woźna 18, Poznań

www.facebook.pl/kwadratcafe | phone no.: +48 609 314 717


In Kwadrat, the food is tasty, healthy and diverse. The ever-changing menu offers many interesting choices. If you are wondering what well made vegetarian cuisine tastes like, look no further and pop in to Kwadrat immediately. The best advertising and the restaurant’s pride and joy are the very favourable opinions of its many patrons. This small restaurant utilises the “square” motif both in its interior design, and in its name. (PL “kwadrat” = EN “square”)


miXtura vege cafe

Piekary 17 (Pasaż Apollo), Poznań

www.facebook.pl/miXtura.vege | phone no.: +48 570 437 571


MiXtura in Pasaż Apollo is a truly meat-free place. The vegetarian burger is one of its absolute specialties, which impresses not only with its size. Apart from the fixed menu, the dish of the day is always worth checking out, and is especially popular among the lunch crowd. When entering the restaurant, mind the installation under the ceiling - wow, very impressive!


Other interesting places can be found at www.vege.poznan.travel

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  • Tavaa - Ratajczaka 30, Poznań

  • Yeżyce Kuchnia - Szamarzewskiego 17, Poznań


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