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Around Poznań

One of the great things about Poznań is that from here, everything seems just around the corner - even the Wielkopolski National Park or Puszcza Zielonka, which are no more than 15 kilometers from the city center. It is definitely worth it to take a look at the map and venture into Poznań’s surrounding areas - of course, with a well deserved lunch break. Located in picturesque places, these restaurants guarantee relaxation and an escape from daily life. They are also an excellent destination for a  family trip out of town.

TASTE_it (HOT_elarnia)

Morenowa 33, Puszczykowo

www.tasteit.pl | phone no.: +48 61 898 37 80


TASTE_it restaurant is a part of the stunning spa and hotel complex in Puszczykowo, right outside Poznań and right at the border of Wielkopolski National Park. This is the ideal place for an escape from the hustle and bustle of  city life. The restaurant serves Polish cuisine, and their wild game dishes are worth recommending.


Stara Wozownia

Nowa 37, Lusowo

www.starawozownia.pl | phone no.: +48 61 896 32 72

Stara Wozownia restaurant is located in close vicinity of Lake Lusowskie, and its surrounding forests. On the menu, next to traditional Polish dishes, there are also traces of Mediterranean cuisine. All equestrians, bikesters and outdoor recreation enthusiasts will appreciate the undeniable charm of these parts, and Stara Wozownia will satisfy their appetites after a day filled with fun.


Country Park „Pod Gajem”

Pod Gajem 1, Gaj Wielki, Tarnowo Podgórne

www.countrypark.pl | phone no.: +48 600 019 800

Pod Gajem is a picturesque estate with many attractions, embedded in the Wielkopolska landscape, around 20 km west of Poznań. On the menu of the local tavern there are mainly Polish dishes, like żurek soup, zrazy (beef roulade) or sweetwater fish. On Sundays, the restaurant serves a “Family Lunch” (“Rodzinny Obiad”), in the form of an Old Polish buffet, full of warm dishes, cold cuts, soups and desserts.


Other interesting places can be found at www.podmiastem.poznan.travel


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