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The Poznań Guide is here!

“Restaurants, bars and cafes of Poznań” is the new trademark culinary guide, containing a selection and description of, in its authors’ opinion, some of the most interesting establishments in and around Poznań.

The guide consists of the characteristics of around 60 places (a total of 120 locales is mentioned) in 17 categories selected according to the tourists’ most popular questions.



A printed, pocket version of the brochure will be available free of charge in tourist information points and hotels around the city. It is also going to be a promotional tool, used on occasions such as tourist trade fairs. However, the printed version is merely a part of the project. It is closely related to www.poznan.travel where, in the “Where to eat/Gdzie zjeść?” section, content updates are posted in three languages (Polish, English and German), together with the first mentions of new arrivals on Poznań’s culinary map. There, a PDF version of the guide will be available for download. It is worth to mention that the guide’s Polish version is already at your disposal. The English and German content is available as part of www.poznan.travel, with printed and electronic versions of the guide following shortly, and their release planned as early as spring 2015, at the very beginning of the new tourist season.


The brochure has been published by Poznań Local Tourist Organization (PLOT), and it has been produced in collaboration with the sponsor, Macro Cash & Carry.

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020