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Tomasz i pomidory

"Tomasz i pomidory" (EN “Tomasz and tomatoes”) is a one-person culinary project. The locale serves pizza and a few choices of cheese and cold cuts platters. We don’t usually write about pizzerias as they are rarely anything out of the ordinary - but this time we decided to make an exception.


This tiny pizzeria is located in a place we never would have found without a recommendation. The restaurant itself, only big enough to fit two four-person tables and a few bar stools, neighbours the buildings of the University of Life Sciences in Wojska Polskiego street. It is rather unassuming, and not eye-catching from the outside. In all fairness, was it not for our friends’ recommendation, we may have not ventured inside. The interiors are simple, clean and match the cuisine which is served here.



On the menu there are Italian pizzas on a thin crust, faithful to original recipes and prepared using certified, high quality produce from Italy. Bravo! It is not Poznań’s first attempt at serving pizza in this unique, sophisticated way but it is definitely a successful one at that. The pizzas served at Tomasz i pomidory are exquisite, especially when combined with a glass of wine or Italian beer, also available on the spot.

After the meal comes the time for a decent cup of coffee, and many would combine it with a little sweet treat - possibly even the smallest amount of sweetness, crowning the excellent dining experience. Tomasz i pomidory is a young establishment, so perhaps a sweet specialite de la maison is yet to come.



The restaurant definitely deserves its “off the beaten trail” label, which will hopefully only add to its recognition and uniqueness. We wish Tomasz and his tomatoes good luck, perseverance and that he may keep his charted course.


Tomasz i Pomidory

Wojska Polskiego 84/1, 60-660 Poznań | phone no.: +48 600 646 859

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020