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WineStone in Mercure Hotel

WineStone is a culinary project realized by the Mercure hotel chain. The name consists of two key words, necessary to guessing the thought behind it - “wine” and “stone”. The restaurant’s wine selection comes from all over the world allows to pair the contents of our glass with the chosen dish. The stone is the stone platters our cold starters are served on. Apart from tapas style choices, the menu also offers warm dishes, salads and desserts. And for the wolfish appetite - cannot go wrong with a juicy steak!


WineStone is a relatively new project, so many regulars might be surprised by the changes in the menu and the brand new interiors of the former hotel bar. An open-plan kitchen, a modern bar and casually designed dining area are tempting passers-by through the glass wall of the building. It is a temptation worth submitting to, regardless of whether you are after having a quick coffee, or a decent lunch.


WineStone is open 7 days a week till midnight.


Hotel restaurants are undergoing a major revival these days. After years of functioning in the shadows of the hotels they were based in, in the recent years they have become an important and autonomous field for creativity. WineStone is a well-thought-out chain concept based, in this particular case, on Mercure Poznań’s fifty-year culinary tradition. When trying the food off the menu, there is a definite sense of new idea freshness and the recurrent dependability of a good, local brand.



In the case of cold cut or cheese platters, we are dealing with a selection of highest quality product, tastily combined and very aesthetically presented. These platters pair very well with the selection of wine by the glass. The pairing option is available for all the menu items. The selection of wines is vast and prepared especially to match the tastes of a broad range of patrons. It is these moments when we learn to most appreciate the chain standards - a guarantee of quality and freshness of the beverage.



Naturally, the preparing of salads or tapas style dishes requires the know-how, and really showcases the steak preparation as a true tour de force. It is in recognition of these skills that we recommend you try the beef at WineStone. The steak will appear on the plate accompanied by crispy fries and excellent pepper sauce. The quality of the meat itself is exquisite and the prep technique corresponds with the locale’s long-standing reputation.



For a long time we have been toying with the idea of compiling a list of establishments where you can have a decently prepared piece of meat. Another step would then be a section on fish and seafood. We are of course nowhere near naming the creme de la creme just yet, but WineStone would certainly be one of the strongest candidates for the title of the favourite in both categories.


WineStone pleasantly surprises with its quality, taste and atmosphere. We wholeheartedly urge you to drop by, if only for a coffee and cake. Once the first ice is broken, you will most probably develop a taste for more. The selection is varied - the European allstars are placed next to Polish beloved classics. Bon appetit!


WineStone Poznań (Hotel Mercure)
ul. Roosevelta 20, 60-829 Poznań

strona www | tel. +48 61 855 80 71

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020