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Italian job

Italian cuisine has been consistently very popular with the Poles. Pastas, pizzas and minestrone are often a popular choice with the tourists. In Poznań, enthusiasts of Italian flavors will find small bistros and elegant restaurants ready to satisfy their Mediterranean appetites. In the former, the pizza is sold by the slice, in the latter - there are well known restaurant brands. In short - it is something for everyone.

Viva Pomodori!

Fredry 3, Poznań

www.vivapomodori.pl | tel.: +48 61 852 44 23


Viva Pomodori! is fresh ingredients, an interesting menu and sophisticated Italian cuisine. What is more, the delicacies served there will be a nice surprise both to your palate and your wallet, as they come at very reasonable prices. On the menu there are pastas, pizzas, piadinas, salads and soups. The dish of the day is noteworthy, as it is often based on interesting quality produce. Fresh fish or shrimp will cost a bit more. Also desserts, coffees, teas and wines can be found on the menu.



Taczaka 11, Poznań

www.baraboo.pl | +48 61 883 43 15


Bar-a-Boo is an eatery which opens the Taczaka gastronomic string. This establishment, popular especially among students of the nearby schools and universities, is famous for its excellent pizza, made in a wood-burning stove, as well as pastas, dishes off the barbecue and salads.  It is said that this is the best pizza in town - you can agree or disagree, but you should definitely try it. There is also a big selection of drinks and desserts on the menu. In the mornings, Bar-a-Boo serves warm breakfasts. It is all tasty, quick and at reasonable prices.


Bernardino Ristorante

Św. Marcin 40, Poznań

www.bernardino.pl | tel.: +48 61 852 40 00

Bernardino is a restaurant whose Italian menu has been updated with a number of traditional Polish dishes. It is a great option for those pizza, panna cotta and pasta addicts who would like to spend time at the table with friends with a more traditional culinary taste. The restaurant is hidden away in the upstairs of one of the modernist skyscrapers (“Domy Alfy”), neighboring one of Poznań’s favorite clubs, Blueberry Bar.


Other interesting places can be found at www.wloski.poznan.travel:


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