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Parking in Poznań

In Poznań city center a paid parking zone is in effect. The limits of its validity are marked by road signs.



Paid parking zone is in effect Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm. The condition of leaving a vehicle in the zone is paying the fee, whose amount differs depending on the vicinity from the center. The fee can be paid in parking meters or via mobile phone using the MoBilet app. The parking ticket purchased in a parking meter must be placed behind the windscreen of the vehicle.


A vehicle can also be left on paid parking areas, including buffer zones, located mostly on the rim of the paid parking zone. The price of leaving a vehicle in a buffer zone does not exceed 3PLN/hour.



The City of Poznań has alloted special spaces for the purposes of parking tourist buses and coaches.


Paid parking within the parking zone:
- ul. Stawna (52°24’39’’ N; 16°56’9’’ E)
- ul. Dominikańska (52°24’34’’ N; 16°56’14’’ E)
- Al. K. Marcinkowskiego (52°24’30’’ N; 16°55’46’’ E)


Free parking within the parking zone:
ul. Panny Marii (52°24’39’’ N; 16°56’47’’ E)


Stops (free up to 15 minutes):
- al. Armii Poznań (52°25’5’’ N; 16°55’53’’ E)
- ul. Św. Marcin (52°24’27’’ N; 16°55’1’’ E)
- ul. Dworcowa (52°24’18’’ N; 16°54’45’’ E)
- ul. T. Kościuszki (52°24’8’’ N; 16°55’28’’ E)



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