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Promotional materials - distribution

We invite you to look through the publications about the city. Below you'll find the list of the available materials.


Publications in print ▶️ Form of order


Our publications (maps, leaflets, folders) are available for free. They provide information about tourist attractions of Poznań and surroundings.

Congresses', conferences' and events' organizers can order free of charge the following materials" "Poznań City Guide" and city maps.

Unfortunately we are not able to deliver them to your office, therefore they can be picked up from the following places:

  • indywidual queries (up to 50 pc.):
    Tourist Information Office on Old Market Square and at the Main Railway Station
  • conference and events organisers (up to 500 pc.):
    Tourist Information Office on Old Market Square 59/60
  • conference and events organisers (above 500 pc.) and hotels:
    Poznań Tourism Organisation, pl. Kolegiacki 17,

With orders exceeding 50 items, please fill out this short form. After filling the form, within 2-3 days you will receive an email with feedback to the email address you gave in the form, regarding the pick up date of the materials. Unfortunately in most cases we are not able to fulfil orders off-the-shelf, as the materials are delivered from the warehouse based on current demand. Please remember to take with you a bag for packing and carrying the materials.

More information:

  • Poznań Tourism Organisation, Plac Kolegiacki 17 - Tel. +48 61 878 58 87
  • Tourist Information Centre, Stary Rynek 59/60 - Tel. +48 61 852 61 56

Publications to download (pdf files)


We invite you to use our publications in electronic version. The publications listed below are not always available in print.

  • Poznań and surroundings for kids (format B6) - a guide presenting chosen attractions for families in Poznań and surroundings with games for kids (crosswords, puzzles, drawings); available in Polish and English
  • Tourist attractions - surroundings of Poznań (format B6) - a folder presenting chosen attractions of Poznań' surroundings; available in Polish, English and German
  • Surroundings of Poznań tourist map (folded-up) - a description of chosen attractions of Poznań' surroundings and a schematic map; available in Polish/English: page 1 - descriptions, page 2 - map (pdf only)
  • Surroundings of Poznań picture map (folded-up) - a description of chosen attractions of Poznań' surroundings with pictures and a drewed map; available in Polish/English (pdf only)
  • Museums nad expositions in Poznań (format A3, folded-up to A6) - a description of chosen museums and expositions and its greatest attractions, available in Polish/English
  • Poznań on a budget (format DL) - low-cost propositions for spending time in Poznan, a leaflet available in Polish and English
  • Tematic Tourist Routes (format DL) - a proposition of self-sightseeing Poznań, depending on interests, available in Polish/English/German, 6 routes: route 1 - The oldest Poznań, route 2 - Old Town, route 3 - XIX-century Poznan, route 4 - On the trails of city fortyfikations, route 5 - Following modernismus, route 6 - Green Poznań (pdf only)
  • Restaurants, bars and cafes in Poznań and surroundings (format A6) - a list od recommended (by PLOT) eating places in Poznań and surroundings, available in Polish and German (2015)



You can also download the thematic walking routes prepared by the Centre of Culture Tourism:

and for those who have lots of time and interest;

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020