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Free or discounted attractions

Here is a list of some FREE or AFFORDABLE ATTRACTIONS guaranteed to make your stay in Poznań unforgettable.

Cathedral Island
Visit Poland’s first Cathedral church from the 10th century. See the Golden Chapel with the sarcophagus and statues of Poland’s first rulers, as well as the cathedral vaults with the relics of the original cathedral structure. Enter the gothic Blessed Virgin Mary Church right next to the cathedral. Do not miss the the Archdiocesan Museum and the Genius loci Archaeological Reserve, with its 10th century wooden and earthwork fortifications. Be sure to visit ICHOT Porta Posnania - an Interactive Center of the History of the Cathedral Island.



Town Hall
When at the very heart of Poznań - the Old Market Square, you will certainly cannot miss the Renaissance Town Hall, one of the most beautiful monuments of Renaissance architecture in Poland, named by some “the most beautiful north of the Alps”. Its interiors today are home to the Museum of the History of Poznań. Be sure to keep in mind Poznań’s two most famous tin billy goats from the Town Hall tower, who butt their heads 12 times every day at high noon.



Imperial Castle
The Imperial Castle is the last and youngest monarch residence in Europe. It was built for the German emperor, William II. The castle is open to guided tours day and night, where you can see its halls, usually inaccessible cellars and attic. This allows you to discover this unique structure, learn its secrets and see all nooks and crannies.




Poznań New ZOO
If you are looking for a place to rest and see animals in their near-natural environment, visit Poznań New Zoo - buy a discounted ticket with Poznań City Card. Follow the 3 mapped trails to see nearly 2 thousand animals of around 140 species. Be sure to visit the newly built elephant house and bear enclosure. Tired of walking? Hop aboard the Zoo mini-train and see the zoo from a different perspective.




Old Brewery - Shopping, Art and Business Center
Old Brewery Shopping, Art and Business Center is much more than just a mall - it is also art, surrounded by highest class architecture reminiscent of the 19th century industrial style. Be sure to pop by! Next to a multitude of high-end shops, there are also cafes, clubs, a park, an art center.



Poznań Palm House
Are you up for a journey through all of the world’s climate zones in just one afternoon? Visit Poznań’s over a hundred-year-old Palm House, the largest in Poland and one of the largest in Europe - a discounted ticket is available with Poznań City Card. Nine pavilions with around 17 thousand plants of 1 100 species and varieties, as well as a large collection of exotic fish await you there.


ŠKODA Auto Lab
ŠKODA Auto Lab is an interactive safety center created by the ŠKODA brand, and it combines the automotive education with family entertainment - free admission with Poznań City Card. Here, you can learn both the rules of safe and eco-friendly driving and the secrets of technology, hidden under the hoods of the cars. All thanks to such attractions as driving, crash and rollover simulators, a car cross-section, guided activities for children and youths and many others.


Bula Park Boule and Bowling
Relax and enjoy active leisure in Bula Park - a unique place in Poznań where bowling enthusiasts can use the only outdoor bowling alley, or play Boule - a 50% discount available with Poznań City Card. 6 fully automated bowling alleys and 5 professional boules-dromes await you.




text: Marta Stawińska

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