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Poznan Videomap

The project shows Poznan from a completely different point of view - from the videoblogger's perspective. Four popular polish vloggers have visited the city in the last few months and recorded short films about their favorite places in Poznan.

Two historical films describe the beginnings of the Polish state and Poznan’s Uprising in 1918-19.  In other films you can find information on how to spend summer in the city, how you should use a solar kitchen and finally, what the most popular local foods are in Poznan.

On the Poznan Videomap you can also find movies made by Paul. He was born in Great Britain, but lives in Poznan and is the author of the blog poznan.pl/doitinpoznan.

The Videomap is a tool which makes spending time in Poznan easier and more attractive. It is dedicated to both tourists and residents. Both groups can find out how to spend their time in Poznan in an unusual way.

Small fragments from all the films were taken to prepare a special videomix. Four popular Polish videobloggers in one film, dedicated to Poznan. You can watch it on the city's official Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/poznan.


Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020