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Saint Martin's Day celebrations in Poznań 2021

The name day of Saint Martin (Święty Marcin) Street is a Poznań way to celebrate the National Independence Day. Only in Poznań is it celebrated so joyfully, colorfully and ... sweetly.

🥐 Saint Martin Street Name Day 2021

🥐 What is Saint Martin's Croissant?

🥐 Who was Saint Martin?

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Saint Martin Street Name Day 2021


Imieniny Ulicy Święty Marcin w Poznaniu


On Thursday, November 11th, 2021, we invite everyone to the renovated section of Saint Martin street (ulica Święty Marcin), where from 11 am to 6 pm you will be able to meet many and many activists and non-governmental organisations, including those working for people with refugee experience. There will also be participants of the annual procession, as well as music, sports and circus shows and dance. In front of the Castle, there will be a four-day St. Martin's Fair, where, apart from traditional croissants, you will be able to buy handicrafts and lots of other attractive items.


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What is Saint Martin's Croissant?


Rogale świętomarcińskie


The St Martin's croissant is a really serious matter, because information about what it consists of, what it looks like and how much it weighs is published in the Official Journal of the European Union, because St Martin's croissants are covered by the protected geographical indication symbol. This means that they can be baked under this name only in Poznań and its vicinity by confectioners who have an appropriate certificate. The document is valid only for a given year and must be renewed, and the entire procedure is handled by the Confectioners 'and Bakers' Guild in Poznań.
The most important ingredients are a semi-French cake, a filling based on white poppy seeds, as well as dried fruit and nuts that make the croissant so rich in flavors. You cannot ignore the shape of the baking (it refers to the horseshoe of the horse that Marcin from Tours rode) and its weight, which must be between 150 and 250 g. Although confectioners cannot change the basic recipe and specifications, they may slightly change the proportions of ingredients and additives (e.g. the type of nuts is not specified, so they can be walnuts or peanuts).
 How to recognize the original St. Martin's Croissant? The easiest way to ask for a certificate. Moreover, once we try a real croissant, it is hard to confuse it with another. The name can also serve as a clue. Various "Poznań croissants" and the like usually suggest that this is not what we are looking for. It is worth remembering that the croissant has a 170-year history. There used to be many more variants of it. Anyway, today a real St. Martin's croissant is made according to one recipe and is the pride of Poznań.
 Of course, for their own private use, everyone can bake croissants anytime, anywhere.


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Who was Saint Martin?


Święty Marcin (fot. Marek Zakrzewski)


Celebration of St. Marcin Street or the name day of Święty Marcin Street is a celebration for our times. It is worth remembering where the St. Martin's croissants came from. Martin of Tours was a Roman legionary who met a poor wanderer on his way. He did not inquire where he was coming from and who he was. He knew, however, that he needed help, so he shared half his coat with the poor. Then he became a Christian saint and, according to legend, somewhere in the nineteenth century, a confectioner from Poznań had a dream. This one began to bake croissants. Some of them began to distribute to the needy, and the other - in Poznań - to sell. Thanks to this, he had the means to further help.
The date of the Name Day of St. Martin's Street is also the National Independence Day, in Poznań, due to this coincidence of dates, celebrated exceptionally colorfully, colorfully and joyfully. At the same time, it is an opportunity to remind how important community, hospitality, openness and empathy are.

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Poznań Croissant Museum & Experience


Rogalowe Muzeum Poznania


The Poznań Croissant Museum is a living center of Poznań's traditions and culture. It is located in the very heart of Poznań - in the Old Market Square with a view of the town hall tower with goats. It is a place for everyone who wants to get to know Poznań, its specificity, language and symbols, with particular emphasis on St. Martin's Croissants. However, you will not see inaccessible showcases with exhibits here. On the other hand, in an intimate, relaxed atmosphere, and humorous shows, you will get to know the history of Poznań and its sweetest symbol.


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WM, 25.10.2021

Fot. Marek Zakrzewski, Jakub Pindych, Rogalowe Muzeum Poznania

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