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Events & Festivals

Maybe you've wondered what the festivals and culture in Poznań can be like? Well they surely do differ one from the other, they deal with different topics and different art forms, however a common demeanor is the unique atmosphere that they offer. Attending some of them might be similar to an exotic journey, yet all of them are a good excuse to additionally discover Poznań and the diverse facets that the city has to offer. Among the most interesting ones you will find renowned Poznań Malta Festival (performing arts), internationally acclaimed Ethno Port Festival (world music), Made in Chicago (jazz), Dancing Poznań (contemporary dance), Animator (animated film), Poznań Baroque (classical music), Pyrkon (one of the biggest Europeans fantasty and sci-fi conventions), International Ice Sculpture Festival and Half Price Poznań.



pic: Jakub Pindych; fotoportal.poznan.pl

Poznań w Bocuse d'Or 2020