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Poznań MICE

Poznań MICE

Hotel Facilities

Poznań has a rich offer ofmodern, highest quality hotel facilities, which allows to host events for more than a dozen thousand guests (eg. the FDI congress in September 2016). Both international chain hotels, such as Accor or Starwood, and exclusive, unique private hotels, such as the 50star Blow Up Hall are present in Poznań - the latter awarded second place in „The world's most hi-tech hotels” category by the CNN. This offer is completed by a few dozen boutique hotels and hostels, attracting their guests not only with affordable prices but also their central location, often an unconventional design and a friendly, informal atmosphere.

City of Congresses and Meetings

Poznań is the city ofbusiness and meetings. Itis home to Poznań International Fair (MTP) - one ofthe largest and most important in Central Europe. Only in 2014, the fair was visited by 650 thousand people, and over 11 thousand exhibitors took part in 69 fair events. The Poznań Fair is also 16 air-conditioned, high quality pavilions located at the veryheart of the city, with 150 thousand square metres of joint conference, exhibition and open floor space and 77 modern conference rooms, including the prestigious Sala Ziemi (Earth Hall) abletoaccommodateupto2thousand people. Poznań offersa widevarietyofeventspaceboth in modern hotels,and in some historicand post-industrial structures. Overall,congressparticipantshave60.000conferencespacesattheirdisposal.

A Rich and Varied Incentive Offer

As an addendum to the business offer, Poznań also holds a number of very diverse leisure opportunities for organized groups. The Poznań racing track is the most modern facility of this kind in Poland, offering over a dozen types ofcars to race in. Football fans can explore the INEA Stadium, the official arena for UEFA EURO 2012, and beer enthusiasts can train theirsenses at LECH VisitorCentre, operating right next doorto one ofPoland’s largestbreweries. Organized groups can also choose among urban games, paintball played in historic, 19th century forts, tours on board antique trains and handcars, and manymore.More: www.pcb.poznan.pl





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