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Why is Poznań worth visiting?


1) The Old Market Square – heart of the city
The Old Market Square and its surroundings are among the most interesting places to see in Poznań. The beautiful Renaissance town hall with its famous mechanical billy goats on a clock tower, the old houses, charming side streets, numerous museums, pubs, cafes and people walking the streets - all of this creates the unique atmosphere of the place. The Old MarketSquare is the heartofPoznań. From spring to autumn, surrounded by pavement cafes, the Square is bustling late into the night. It also hosts numerousevents,performancesand concerts. 

2) The Cathedral Island (Ostrów Tumski) is the oldest part of Poznań. This is the place where in 10th century the first settlement was erected by the Piast dynasty. You can visit the oldest Polish cathedral. It is believed that the remains of first Polish sovereigns, duke Mieszko I and his son king BolesławChrobry,areburied here. Here you will also find the remarkable Porta Posnania or 'Gate to Poznan', which symbolically connects city’s oldest districts of Cathedral Island and Śródka. It attracts its visitors with a multimedia display, educational workshops, cultural events and tours. It presents the fascinating historyofCathedral Island and encourages visitors to tour it with an audio guide.The Porta Posnania is a perfect starting point for exploring thecityalong theRoyal-Imperial Route.More:www.portaposnania.eu

3) This huge neo-Romanesque building, designed by Franz Schwechten, was constructed in the years 1905-10 for German EmperorWilhelm II. It means that itactuallyis the youngestcastle in Europe which was built for a monarch. AfterWWI when Poland regained its independence, the Castle housed the faculty of mathematics of Poznań University, whose graduates broke the German Enigma code in the 1930’s. DuringWWII all its interiors where redesigned in the style oftheThird Reich under the supervision ofAlbert Speer. Nowadays this unique structure is a cultural centre and a monument or metaphor ofthe whole complicated 20th century. It is surrounded by the so called Imperial District, erected to express the greatness ofWilhelm'sGermany.More: www.ckzamek.pl Do not miss! In the castle tower you can see a heavy (5000 kg!) royal throne madeofmarble.Itsdesign wasinspired bythronesofIndian maharajas.


3) Stary Browar (Old Brewery) is a shopping, culture and business centre, located in the former Hugger Brewery Buildings from the 19th century. Unusual architecture enters into a dialogue with the site's industrial past, a multitude of nooks and crannies hide mementos from the beer brewing times: ceramic seals, interior design elements, plaques. Stary Browar holds numerous awards including Best Shopping Center in the World in the medium-sized commercial buildings’ category (International Council of Shopping Centers2005).More: www.starybrowar5050.com


4) St Martin’s Croissant is one of the most recognizable and undoubtedly one of the tastiest symbols of Poznań. Half puff pastry with white poppy seeds filling, nuts, raisins, orange peel and more... It is definitely a delicacy worth trying. You are also invited to learn and experience the secrets of Saint Martin Croissants and other Poznan’s prides. In a beautiful, Renaissance tenement house right opposite the Town Hall you can pay a visit to Poznań CroissantMusem and Experience. More: www.rogalowemuzeum.pl/en

6) A lake and recreational centre just 2 kilometres from the very heart ofthe city? Believe it or not, it only takes a 20 minute walk to get from Poznan’s famous billy goats to the city’s biggest recreational centre. The place in question is of course the Lake Malta, and it is mostly associated by tourists with the regatta. For Poznań residents, it is a place of relaxing weekend walks and active leisure. Both are equally surprised when they discover the whole range ofattractions the Malta Lake has to offer. Including MaltaThermal Baths – the most modern and at the same time largest indoor water complex in Poland, located by Lake Malta in the very heart ofPoznań. On the stretch of about 6 hectares there are 18 pools with the joint water surface area of 500 square metres. The complex includes an Aqua Park, Sauna World with 16 saunasand sportspoolswith an auditorium for4000seats. More: www.termymaltanskie.com.pl/en




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